Operating Executive

Troy draws on over 25 years of experience building products at the intersection of developers, cybersecurity, and software-as-a-service that stand out and make a human impact. Currently, he serves as Operating Executive at Knack, a no/low code application and database company where he leads product and product marketing. He has led teams at companies that have successfully scaled, and grown products from the bottom up, working across product, marketing, and go-to-market to deliver strategies and data-driven results that resonate with target audiences.

Troy has worked at Product-led Growth (PLG) companies 1Password and Malwarebytes as vice president of products where he helped build out new products and services, introduced pricing and packaging improvements, helped create company vision, and implemented/measured product growth metrics. Prior to Malwarebytes, Troy helped Oracle transition from a traditional, on premises organization to selling cloud services. In addition, he has held product marketing and product management roles at Seagate, Veritas, Borland, and VeriSign.