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We are a high-energy, tech-focused
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The way we work.

We are an experienced, entrepreneurial tech-focused private equity firm investing in application and IT infrastructure software businesses.

We seek to accelerate growth by dedicating an outsized team to a small number of companies where we believe there is an opportunity to build a market leader. We believe the key to accelerating sustainable growth for these businesses will be achieved by investments in product, alignment of world-class talent, go-to-market and operations support, and M&A strategy and execution.

Our large and growing team offers a diversity of investing, operating and talent management experience, applying an active and engaged value creation approach with each portfolio company.

2016 Inception
34 Employees
13 Portfolio Companies


We invest in technology market leaders and devote our time, focus, and energy in every company with which we partner.

We pride ourselves on our expertise and experience working with founders, as we understand their unique vision, passion, and challenges and are committed to providing tailored support and guidance. We hope to have the chance to introduce you to our team of “doers”, share some of our operating and investing experience, and discuss how we may be able to support your company.

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We believe that uncompromising integrity, humility, and transparency create successful partnerships. We have a proven track record of working collaboratively with our partners and are committed to mutual respect that allows us to build strong, long-lasting relationships and deliver exceptional results together.

Learn what it’s like to work with us from the people who know us best: our executive teams, company founders and investors.

We Invest In Market Leaders
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Future Talent

Our people are our most valuable assets and our number one competitive advantage: their expertise and dedication drive the success of our firm. We are actively looking to add to our dynamic investment, operating, and business development teams as we continue to invest from our tech buyout funds. We also have exciting opportunities to join key roles at our portfolio companies.

At Resurgens, we hold ourselves to the highest standards individually – but more importantly – as a team. Our collaborative and inclusive culture is what brings the Resurgens approach to life. Our values are deeply embedded in everything we do, from the way we interact with our teams, to the high standards we hold ourselves to in delivering exceptional results. We believe our culture is a key differentiator and we are committed to preserving and strengthening it as we continue to grow.

Please submit your resume, cover letter and which job you are applying for to careers@resurgenstech.com.

We also have exciting opportunities to join key roles at our portfolio companies.


Where we shine.

Sanjoy Chatterjee Headshot

As a team, we really achieved something that made all of us proud in terms of what we did with this transaction in 4 years.

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Michael Dongieux Headshot

I didn't want to be a number in a much larger portfolio, and I felt like the Resurgens Operating Partners really understood the business. They had experience in adjacent fields, and we really believed they could help take us to the next level and make the second bite all the more valuable.

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Steve Heinz Headshot

Our business looked a lot like the Resurgens portfolio companies, not in what our solution was and what our platform did, but in the size of the business, and founder-owned, founder-led.

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Adam Lewis Headshot

When I use the word partner, I think that's a great way to capture how it feels to work with Resurgens….they came on as true side-by-side partners.

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David McNeill Headshot

When you have the right level of trust, you can truly put together a plan that's a long-term plan that will optimize the overall hold period and economics.

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These video presentations of current and former portfolio company board members, founders and executives are intended for the benefit of board members and executives of other companies that may be considering a business relationship with Resurgens, including becoming one of Resurgens’ portfolio companies. None of the statements made should be construed as a solicitation for an investment in any security of any fund advised by Resurgens or any advisory service provided by Resurgens. Certain of these individuals are investors in one or more funds advised by Resurgens. While Resurgens has not paid for any of these statements, each of these individuals has a business relationship with Resurgens (or one of Resurgens’ portfolio companies) and thus a conflict of interest in describing his or her experience with us due to a desire to work with us in the future. These individuals’ experience may not be representative of all individuals who have or currently hold similar positions.