Our team is your team.

We are a new kind of private equity firm that values integrity, humility and transparency to help our portfolio companies create something extraordinary.

With a fund focused on software and selected services, we are radically committed to delivering exceptional operating value to our portfolio companies. Our team’s experience is not just on the deal-side — we also have deep software operating and world-class consulting experience.

We don’t believe in “making bets” or “spreading our risk” across a large, unwieldy group of companies. Instead, we are building a concentrated portfolio with a relatively small number of investments. This enables us to dedicate extraordinary effort and support. One investment at a time.

Our approach is simple: add value.

Our approach is rooted in our desire to truly add value to our portfolio companies. There’s no “playbook” that we follow — each company is unique with its own set of challenges, opportunities and solutions.

We believe that big things often come in small packages and we are solely dedicated to helping middle-market software companies realize their full potential. We have been in your shoes and understand the heavy lifting, perseverance and tough decisions required to take your business to the next level.

And since we’ve been around the block a few times in software, we’ll come with a new perspective and hands-on support-oriented around three core pillars:

  • We have a deep network of operational experts to recruit from and put to work for our portfolio companies
  • We help build the right incentives and structure for high performing teams
  • We collaborate with management teams to ensure alignment
  • Our consulting value proposition is primarily designed to enable our companies to grow faster and more profitably
  • Examples of these initiatives include retention and customer success, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, competitive analysis, channel strategy, global expansion and sales coverage and incentive initiatives
  • We focus resources on near term growth while being deliberate about longer-term positioning
  • We leverage our expertise in building and executing an M&A strategy that transforms our portfolio companies
  • We are acquisition experts and meticulous when it comes to due diligence and preparation
  • We understand successful M&A is about successful integration, along with alignment, culture and consistency