About Us



We invest in relationships.

We are a new kind of private equity firm that values integrity, humility, and transparency to help our portfolio companies create something extraordinary.

With an investment strategy focused exclusively on software and selected tech-enabled services, we are radically committed to delivering exceptional operating value to our portfolio companies and helping them reach their full potential.

We believe that our team’s tenure, depth and breadth of experience is unique amongst our peers, and includes deep, cross-functional software operating experience and a world-class approach to talent acquisition and retention.

Our Approach Is Simple:
Build trust, add value.


Investment Criteria



IT infrastructure
software / developer tools

Information / data / analytic
software and tech-enabled services

Business Profile

businesses with
$5-30M in revenue,
majority of which
is recurring

Potential for market
or segment

Compelling organic
and inorganic (M&A)
growth thesis

HQ in North
America, Europe or

Deal Type

Primarily focused on majority recapitalizations;
will consider minority growth capital investments

Founder-owned businesses, carve-outs
and investor-backed companies


A Customized Approach.

Our approach is rooted in our desire to truly accelerate growth at our portfolio companies. There’s no “playbook” that we impose on our businesses. In our experience, each company is unique with its own set of challenges, opportunities, and solutions.

We collaborate with our companies to create a tailored plan of action and then work closely with them to implement those strategies.

Core Pillars

And since we’ve been “around the block” a few times in the software industry, we’ll show up with a new perspective and hands-on support-oriented around four core pillars:

Investments in

We drive growth and expansion through strategic and oftentimes creative investments in our companies’ products. Our Operating Partners bring deep expertise in Product-Led Growth, and we are well-positioned to help develop a clear product roadmap that will propel our portfolio companies forward. This focus on product is “in the Resurgens DNA,” and we believe it’s unique amongst our peers of smaller tech PE investors.

Alignment of
World-Class Talent

Resurgens’ talent team has built an ecosystem of high potential executive leaders to drive measurable impact in our portfolio companies. We have a deep network of operational experts to recruit from and put to work for our portfolio companies. We help build the right incentives and structure for high performing teams, and we collaborate closely with management teams to ensure alignment and support the selection of key executive hires.

Go-to-Market and Operations Support

Our operations value proposition is primarily designed to enable our companies to grow faster and more profitably. We deploy experienced, multi-disciplinary software executives as well as functional experts in sales and marketing, product, and R&D to develop and help drive value creation plans for our companies. Our objective is to work “shoulder to shoulder” with our executive teams on these objectives, and to unlock new operational initiatives which might not have been possible for the business to consider and achieve prior to our involvement.

M&A Strategy
and Execution

We leverage our expertise in building and executing an M&A strategy that transforms our portfolio companies. We are acquisition experts and meticulous when it comes to sourcing, due diligence and deal execution. We understand successful M&A is about successful integration, along with alignment, culture and consistency.

When I use the word partner, I think that's a great way to capture how it feels to work with Resurgens….they came on as true side-by-side partners.

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These video presentations of current and former portfolio company board members, founders and executives are intended for the benefit of board members and executives of other companies that may be considering a business relationship with Resurgens, including becoming one of Resurgens’ portfolio companies. None of the statements made should be construed as a solicitation for an investment in any security of any fund advised by Resurgens or any advisory service provided by Resurgens. Certain of these individuals are investors in one or more funds advised by Resurgens. While Resurgens has not paid for any of these statements, each of these individuals has a business relationship with Resurgens (or one of Resurgens’ portfolio companies) and thus a conflict of interest in describing his or her experience with us due to a desire to work with us in the future. These individuals’ experience may not be representative of all individuals who have or currently hold similar positions.