Assurance Software and ClearView Unite to Become the Largest Global Provider of Business Continuity Solutions
January 9, 2019
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Merger to Accelerate Industry-Leading Software and Service Innovations

WAYNE, Pa. & LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Assurance Software, Inc. today announced a merger with ClearView Continuity in a transaction that expands the company’s Business Continuity Management (BCM) market leadership position and global reach to over 800 customers, with consulting and support services provided on six continents and primary development, sales and support centers in the US and UK.


“During the last seven months since Assurance Software was created as an independent company, we’ve rapidly established our new identity, underpinned by a renewed commitment to product and service innovation and a relentless dedication to customer success. As we continue to blaze an exciting new path in business continuity, this merger is the next big step,” said Craig Potts, chief executive officer of Assurance Software. “Our companies are uniquely well suited to each other - Assurance has established a market leadership position, primarily in North America while ClearView has done the same in EMEA and Asia-Pacific. Assurance and ClearView have numerous technology and cultural synergies that will allow us to accelerate product innovation and enhance customer value. The union of our companies creates a global powerhouse that I believe will be the go-to partner for companies seeking to mitigate risk and enhance their organization’s resilience.”


Building on recent product innovations and industry-firsts, including the first mobile app for continuity management and the first virtual reality solution for training and awareness, the combined company will invest to accelerate the delivery of industry-leading innovation. In addition to product innovation, the two companies will leverage more than 100 years of industry experience across its leadership team to help its customers strengthen their business continuity programs. Assurance is known for its feature-rich SaaS platform, award-winning HDI-certified customer support and deep commitment to customer success, exhibited by its robust Voice of the Customer (VOC) program. ClearView has delighted its customers with innovative SaaS solutions uniquely designed to simplify complex BCM processes while providing extensive reporting and analytics capabilities, all delivered by a team with extensive subject matter expertise in the industry.


“We are very excited to see how Assurance Software continues to adapt to the changing landscape,” said Jason Fries, Business Continuity Program Director for S&P Global. “As a global company, we are thrilled that this merger will provide Assurance Software additional capacity to directly support our operations in EMEA and Asia-Pacific. I also look forward to seeing how this merger will influence new features in an already strong product.”


“Uniting with Assurance will be a significant and exciting opportunity for all stakeholders in our businesses,” said Charles Boffin, founder and chief executive officer of ClearView. “Both organizations focus clearly on the success of their customers, with a highly complementary team and culture. Looking ahead, this combination gives us the global scale needed to further expand our services and strong record of product innovation, for the benefit of our customers, our employees and the industry at large.”


For additional information, please read the Merger Q&A Guide.


About Assurance Software, Inc.

With 700 customers, Assurance Software is the leading provider of comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery software and services. Assurance is known for its easily configured SaaS applications that ensure a fit to the unique needs of each customer. The company is also recognized for exemplary services provided from the industry’s only HDI-certified customer support center, as well as the industry’s only 100% up-time guarantee. With Assurance as their go-to partner for continuity and resilience, businesses confidently mitigate risk, manage recovery, and safeguard their employees, customers, operations and brands. For more information, visit www.assurancesoftware.com.


About ClearView Continuity

ClearView is a brand that is recognized globally for core principles of ease of use, technical sophistication, strong reporting/metrics and flexibility to ensure that business needs are met 100%. The blend of extensive experience in Business Continuity plus a strong technology pedigree results in software and services solutions that deliver real, measurable business benefits. For more information, visit www.clearview-continuity.com.