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AgencyBloc Acquires Radius to Provide Enhanced Capabilities for Benefits Brokers

The acquisition expands AgencyBloc’s sales enablement capabilities to support insurance agents

Atlanta, GA 

AgencyBloc, the leading agency management system (AMS) solution provider for independent life and health insurance agencies, today announced the strategic acquisition of Radius, a growing and innovative provider of sales enablement solutions supporting life and health insurance brokers. This acquisition is part of AgencyBloc’s strategic vision and commitment to the industry, and significantly expands AgencyBloc’s sales enablement capabilities.

The Radius solution offers a host of sales enablement features to life and health insurance brokers, including lead distribution, texting, VoIP calling and call routing, supporting brokers’ commercial activities and helping them grow their book of business. With a user base of over 8,000 agents, Radius is dedicated to providing enhanced sales enablement solutions for life and health insurance agents.

“We have seen how well the AgencyBloc team serves its clients, and we are excited to join forces in our shared mission to help insurance agencies grow and manage their business,” said Clu Connors, CEO of Radius. “We are thrilled to be part of the team and we’re looking forward to all that we will accomplish together.”

This acquisition combines the complementary strengths of Radius and AgencyBloc. The vision is to bring together the sales enablement functionality from Radius with the agency management capabilities from AgencyBloc into a single platform with a seamless set of workflows to manage both sales and back-office agency management in a single solution. The combined company will better serve the unique needs of high-volume organizations, including IMOs and FMOs. Existing Radius clients will be able to remain on their existing platform free of disruption.

AgencyBloc partners with its user base of over 16,000 insurance agents to deliver innovative solutions that both help grow their business and manage the agencies as they scale. AgencyBloc’s core agency management system includes a purpose-built CRM, a commissions processing module and an integrated marketing automation and sales pipeline tool. Bringing AgencyBloc together with Radius will move its clients closer to a single-suite solution for their sales and marketing needs.

“Radius has developed an innovative solution to help brokers grow their business,” said Adam Lewis, CEO of AgencyBloc. “This acquisition reflects our commitment to assist our broker clients with growing their business. We are thrilled to work with the Radius team and continue to build on our momentum in the industry.”

This is the latest move for AgencyBloc in concert with Resurgens Technology Partners and demonstrates the collective aim to expand AgencyBloc’s platform offerings, improve go-to-market strategies and reinforce AgencyBloc’s position as a leading solution provider for life and health insurance agencies.

“The combination of these two solutions is an important step toward our vision of a full, end-to-end platform to serve brokers’ front-end commercial and back-office needs,” said Danny Carpenter, Principal at Resurgens. “We are excited to bring together these two solutions and continue to accelerate the growth and momentum of the AgencyBloc platform.”

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