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Resurgens’ GitKraken Completes Two Git Productivity Tool Acquisitions and Names Matt Johnston as CEO

Atlanta, GA 

Resurgens Technology Partners, a software-focused private equity firm, is pleased to announce that its portfolio company GitKraken, creator of the world’s leading Git GUI and CLI, has completed the acquisitions of BigBrassBand and GitLens. In combination with GitKraken, these two acquisitions bring together more than 10 million Git users worldwide from over 100,000 organizations and will unlock exciting possibilities for developers and DevOps teams centered around Git. By leveraging these tools, teams using Git, Jira and VS Code can now switch seamlessly between multiple developer workspaces while maintaining access to all the Git repo information and actions they need.

GitKraken’s Git client offers an intuitive Git GUI and powerful CLI, which enables 2.5 million developers from 75,000 companies to develop better code faster by making Git easier, safer and more powerful to use across teams of all sizes. GitKraken’s intuitive interface surfaces all the powerful functionality that is otherwise difficult to leverage in Git and facilitates team collaboration around Git tasks, along with ease of new developer onboarding by providing robust integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Azure DevOps, Jira and Trello.

BigBrassBand’s Git Integration for Jira is the most popular paid app in the Atlassian Marketplace for integrating Git and Jira DevOps workflows and is one of the 15 most installed paid Jira apps on the Atlassian Marketplace. Git Integration for Jira combines Git data and workflows into a Jira team’s project and issue-oriented context. BigBrassBand was founded by Adam Wride in 2009, and Adam joins GitKraken as General Manager of Planning Solutions.

GitLens is a free open-source Git extension for VS Code with more than 11 million active users and 76 million downloads in the past five years and is one of the fifteen most popular VS Code extensions. It is relied upon by developers, DevOps professionals and enterprise teams around the world to help them unlock knowledge within each repository to help visualize code authorship, seamlessly navigate and explore Git repositories and gain valuable insights via powerful comparison commands. GitLens was founded by Eric Amodio in 2016, and Eric joins GitKraken as the company’s Chief Technology Officer to lead GitKraken’s entire suite of Git collaboration and productivity tools.

“Developers love GitKraken because it makes Git simpler, faster and more powerful for their development teams,” said GitKraken Chairman and Resurgens Operating Partner Wayne Williams. “The acquisition of Git Integration for Jira and GitLens enables us to further enhance Git productivity for millions of companies that leverage Git, Jira and VS Code. We look forward to continuing to extend and enhance the capabilities of both products.”

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce the addition of Matt Johnston as GitKraken’s new CEO. Most recently, Matt was the CEO & Co-founder of open-source marketing automation firm Mautic, after serving as a marketing & strategy executive at Applause, Acquia and Herman Miller. He has helped build six startups, including four successful exits.

“Matt’s experience as a CEO and marketing leader made him a great fit to bring these strategic pieces together and take GitKraken forward,” stated Resurgens’ Managing Director Fred Sturgis. “He has built high-growth companies that cater to technical audiences, and his expertise complements the product and engineering strengths that are now in place at GitKraken.”

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