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    WhistleBlower Security is a trusted provider of ethics and compliance reporting solutions. It offers world-class hotline services to its customers. Its flagship software, IntegrityCounts, offers a secure and confidential platform for reporting potential ethics breaches, fraud, misconduct, and other violations. With advanced features and stringent security protocols, IntegrityCounts helps organizations promote transparency and accountability. The company was founded in 2005 and has a central office in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Ottawa, ON



Case IQ, formerly i-Sight, is the leading provider of investigative case management software with solutions for ethics and compliance, human resources, fraud, and corporate security functions within mid-sized and large organizations. Founded in 1999, Case IQ counts over 80,000 investigators and case managers on its platform who are actively addressing workplace incidents, resolving millions of cases, and preventing billions of dollars in potential litigation. Case IQ provides organizations with unrivaled case intake capabilities, workflow configuration, automation, and deep, actionable intelligence essential for addressing and preventing the widest range of workplace vulnerabilities.

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