Senior Associate

Lee joined Resurgens in 2022 as a Senior Associate and brings both investing and operating experience to the firm. Before joining Resurgens, Lee was a vice president at Arcspring, an Atlanta-based private equity firm focused on investing in services companies and implementing digital transformations. Before Arcspring, Lee worked at Vivian Health; an online marketplace focused on healthcare employment contracts. Lee joined Vivian Health as their first employee and led sales, operations, finance, customer success, and support functions. He scaled a bootstrapped Vivian to significant growth and helped lead a sale to IAC, an internet holding company including Vimeo, Angi, HomeAdvisor, Care.com, and others. Before Vivian, Lee worked at True Wind Capital, a middle-market technology private equity firm in San Francisco. Before True Wind, Lee began his career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in their M&A group. Prior to Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Lee played fullback for the Carolina Panthers.